I’m a complex mug of coffee. I’m a rare cup of tea. I’m that bottle of the boldest Bordeaux you’ve ever experienced.
I’m also a lioness. And a bee. A butterfly. A unicorn. A quiet little mouse.
I’m so many things that I’m nothing at all.
I’m the face of mental illness in a regular world. Trying to do regular things. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I fall. Sometimes I leap off the side of the tallest building. And I laugh. Because that’s all there is left to do.
I just want to be a good mom. A model wife. A perfect friend. Most days I barely pull off okay. Some days people like me. Other days they call me insane. I’m good with that. I am. Insane. I no longer try to pretend. It’s my sparkly crown. I wear it with pride.
I’m not perfect. I do my very best just to be okay. I use wit and sarcasm to defeat my own demons. I use humor to hide the pain. I may seem like a “know-it-all”, because I am…I just got that way in the most unfortunate ways. And it’s time we acknowledge that’s okay.